Welcome to the Sunday Drunks 2016 League year!

Look at that poor asshole, I bet he’s saying “I wub you so much my wittle baby, I could give you these smoochie woochies all day wong”…what a douche.  Anyway, Congrats to Overbeck for winning the trophy last year against a fellow perennial cellar dweller in Isimakhome.  I’m sure you’ve already blown the cash on gay sex and sweater vests.  It’s a new year though, so its anyone’s game(except for Ratliff and Thurber and Barnum and Tom, they’ll never win). Good luck to everyone else.

I hope this webpage serves as a place for you find answers about the league so I don’t have to repeat the fucking rules to you 800 times because you’re all a bunch recovering idiots and potheads.  This will be the place to come going forward for league news and changes.

Please know that I fucking Hate every last one of you miserable Fuckheads!!!

Can’t wait to see you all for the Draft.


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