Basic Rules


General Rules:

  1. League fee is $100 to be paid at time of the draft to the league manager.  Don’t be a stupid Fuckwad, just come to the draft with your fucking money.
  2. payout structure:  First place..$700, Second place..$300, Third place..$100 and Reg season champ..$100.
  3. See ESPN league page for other general rules.


In Season:

  1.  300 points are given to each player to be used as bid points for FA.  Its not complicated.
  2. Trade deadline will be before week 10.  All trades will need to be accepted for start of week 10.
  3. IR slots on your roster can only be used to hold players that have been designated by ESPN as IR.  If you have a player using an IR slot who is not designated as IR, commissioner reserves the right to kick that player off your team.
  4. All trades can be blocked if a majority of league owners vote it down.
  5. Everyone must ridicule Barnum at least one time during the season, if you don’t you will be penalized a 17th round draft pick next year.



  1.  The first 6 draft positions are determined by the tournament played by the teams that did not make the playoffs last year.  Winner of the tournament gets first pick in upcoming draft and so on.
  2. The final 6 picks are in reverse order of final year end standings listed on the league page.
  3. A list of people that have been put on IR for the entire upcoming season will be established before the draft.  These players cannot be drafted nor can they be picked up during the season.  They are untouchable.
  4. Each team is allowed 2 keepers per year.  To keep any player you will give up your draft pick 2 rounds higher than where that player was drafted in the previous year.  If that player was undrafted and picked up in FA than you will give up a 10th round selection in the upcoming draft.  Any player drafted in rounds 1 or 2 will not be able to be kept again.
  5. Each player selected as a keeper can only be kept 3 times.  So the maximum years for any player on your roster is 4 years.  The year drafted and then 3 years kept.

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